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I hate this new phrase 'bang on trend'

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cupcakes · 05/04/2006 16:52

It's driving me mad. I keep seeing it in Grazia and Instyle. ie a skirt is 'bang on'.

OP posts:
MillionDollarBaby · 05/04/2006 17:06

'Bang On' has been a phrase around forever. I barely even notice it.. Don't read the mags though, has it's meaning changed?

cupcakes · 05/04/2006 17:07

oh. I'd never heard it before. I keep seeing it in the fashion mags when describing something as infinitely trendy and of the moment.

OP posts:
MillionDollarBaby · 05/04/2006 17:10

It's just generally used to mean 'exactly right'. Now I think about it I think it would be classed as a fairly 'common' thing to say.. I'm surprised the glossy's have picked up on it.

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