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Help. Back to work in ONE week and I look like a sack of old potatoes.

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spidermama · 25/03/2006 20:46

It looks like I won't get the chance to actually go out shopping which means I need to get ebaying right now.

I look like a old bag in high street stuff but I only know a couple of designers these days as I've been concentrating my efforts on the kids.

I like Nicole Fahri, Betty Jackson ... erm ... Boden is a bit straight but OK ...

Any more names I should look at on ebay?


OP posts:
madeleines · 25/03/2006 20:51

Jil Sander
Paul Smith

spidermama · 25/03/2006 20:54

I've never heard of the first two. I'm so out of touch. Will have a look now. I like Paul Smith.

OP posts:
madeleines · 25/03/2006 20:54

Alberta Ferretti
Day Birger et Mikkelson
Marc Jacobs

madeleines · 25/03/2006 20:59

I love Maxamara. They are Italian. They also make Sportmax and Marina Rinaldi (larger sizes).
Jil Sander is German (I think) and does very elegant (but very expensive when new) pared down classics.

madeleines · 25/03/2006 20:59


spidermama · 25/03/2006 22:06

Thanks madeleines.
I love the DAY Birger stuff. Right up my street. Sadly all a bit small but will keep looking/

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 25/03/2006 22:09

I like money, too. And you'd need a lot to afford those labels.

madeleines · 25/03/2006 22:18

I don't actually buy any of these labels you know. But if you're looking on ebay and the designers aren't the big obvious showy ones then you may get a bargain.
I think Day Birger is probably the most affordable in the shops (though still more than Boden) but I don't know how much you'd find on ebay.
Spidermama - what about searching for high end high street like Whistles or Jigsaw? Or diffusion lines like DKNY?

spidermama · 25/03/2006 22:19

Not necessarily expat. I can spend money at Hennes on clothes which will look shite to begin with then fall apart even after a couple of careful washes. In the end I'd be better off buying quality which looks nice and will last.

Madeleines - I came across Mathew Williamson stuff while pursuing your ideas. Very nice too. Smile

OP posts:
spidermama · 25/03/2006 22:19

It's a question of time maddy. I won't get out to the shops without a baby.

OP posts:
madeleines · 25/03/2006 22:22

I'm going to go back to my old name now. Have had enough of my french persona. But whilst I'm still a francais...
agnes b

cupcakes · 25/03/2006 22:24

ta da!
Just thinking of more labels - what about Ghost?

spidermama · 25/03/2006 22:24

Oh yes. Jai oublie all about her. Smile I'm just trying to work out who you are. Aren't madeleines some kind of cakes?

OP posts:
spidermama · 25/03/2006 22:25

Way hey!
Yes, love Ghost. Good for the larger figure too. Wink

OP posts:
anniemac · 27/03/2006 11:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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