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Where can I find tops?

12 replies

MaggieW · 25/03/2006 15:48

I seem to have accumulated several plain brown or neutral skirts in my wardrobe, but I don't have any tops to wear with them. Can anyone suggest where I could get some reasonably priced tops ie brown/cream striped etc. I had a quick browse in the shops this am but could only find plain tops -nothing patterned.

OP posts:
madeleines · 25/03/2006 15:52

loads of patterned tops at Boden. Might not be what you'd call reasonably priced though...

Nbg · 25/03/2006 15:52

Dorothy Perkins

LucyJones · 25/03/2006 15:53

Have you tried the usual suspects - Next, Debenhams, Dotty P's? Or Primark, Matalan, Asda, Tesco for bargains?

BadHair · 25/03/2006 16:34

Asda and tesco have some nice bargain tops at the moment. Does the colour have to be brown/cream - how about deep turquoise, green, orange or red? How about a plain top in one colour with a contrasting cardi?
H and M are bound to have something, if theres's one near you.

blueteddy · 25/03/2006 17:22

Got myself a couple of tops from H&M the other week for £7.99 each!
I got a brown one & a tan coloured one.

anniemac · 27/03/2006 12:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mum2Ela · 27/03/2006 12:04

Was v impressed the other day at how Matalan has sorted itself out. They had some lovely tops in there, nice n plain!

(the baby boy's jeans were fab too, as was the ladies costume - type jewellery

biglips · 27/03/2006 12:04

Peacocks have lovely stuff and cheap too

HayleyOliversMum · 27/03/2006 12:06

bit of a diversion from the question but wondering if anyone has advice for style of top suitable for breastfeeding in public? I find it really tricky as I like to see ds face to make sure he's not drowning!!!! ....what do you/did you wear?

SPARKLER1 · 27/03/2006 12:08

I bought a couple of lovely tops from Asda the other day £3 each - bargain. One was a turquoise colour and the other beige.

Mum2Ela · 27/03/2006 12:10

HayleyOliversMum I used to buy quite low-cut tops, perhaps with a v-neck, which I could pop a boob out of the top of, rather than yank my top up. If you are worried about showing a bit of clevage when feeding, just pop a blanket / shawl over your shoulder.


HayleyOliversMum · 27/03/2006 12:18

shawl trick seems a good idea...maybe I'll do some trial runs at home! I'm not really too shy but can't believe some of the reactions that you get from others.....I'd never given it much thought until baby was born. Either other bf mums were really good at doing it without anyone (inc me) noticing or people don't feed in public.

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