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Look at these horrible free shoes from Boden

20 replies

madeleines · 24/03/2006 15:50

\link{\they're an offer with Red Magazine}
They look so cheap and nasty. And are supposed to be worth £35!!!

OP posts:
madeleines · 24/03/2006 15:53

\link{\this offer from Country Living is much better}

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 24/03/2006 15:54

They are bad.

Kelly1978 · 24/03/2006 15:55

but they are boden so prob would cost £35 there. Boden is nasty!

TinyGang · 24/03/2006 15:57

They'd come in handy to keep by the back door to wear putting the washing out.

MaisonMadame · 24/03/2006 15:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bijouxdeux · 24/03/2006 15:58

I like them - make great slippers

lievresfousdemarche · 24/03/2006 16:00

Ha ha, they match, they are hideous.

madeleines · 24/03/2006 16:04

Qui? Laurence?

OP posts:
spidermama · 24/03/2006 16:08

I quite like those funky slip ons for the school run in summer. Blush They'd look great with jeans or a skirt.

madmarchhare · 24/03/2006 16:10

but you'd have to spend £130 in Boden first, no thanks.

spidermama · 24/03/2006 16:11

I could spend £130 in Boden if you forced me. Grin

madeleines · 24/03/2006 16:13

Do you think MN are going to change their offer soon? I don't like that cardigan.

OP posts:
TinyGang · 24/03/2006 16:15

It wouldn't take long to spend £130 in Boden. That's probably the postage and packing to them.

madeleines · 24/03/2006 16:17

But you get free postage with these. Don't all rush at once.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 24/03/2006 16:21

More like 35p. Yuk. Might get the mag and keep the shoes for my mum to wear out on their patio.

Enide · 24/03/2006 16:22

those shoes ming

£1.99 from any chinese supermarket near you

madeleines · 24/03/2006 16:23

They're not free with the magazine. You have to spend £130 to get them!

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 24/03/2006 16:24

Oh, guess i won't be getting those then, which is just as well, b/c they're horrible.

puff · 24/03/2006 16:27

They are yuk

Having been to the Boden shop - their kids stuff is generally all really good quality. It's much more hit and miss with women's clothing though - some of it looks v tatty for the prices. I did buy stuff, but it was good to be able to look at the whole range properly.

expatinscotland · 24/03/2006 16:39

No Boden shop in Scotland, so can't say I've been there.

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