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How to have fresh glowing skin any tips

12 replies

mum2sam · 20/03/2006 19:10

Im 25 and since having ds i swear i look 35. My skin just looks really dull and tired. I use a moisturiser but noting fancy in fact its ds johnsons stuff. Any ideas on how to have fabulous glowing skin. I think im going through a mid-twenties crisis and trying to stop the aging process or is it already too late.Plz help i dont want to get old Sad....

OP posts:
Earlybird · 20/03/2006 19:12

exfoliate! It does seem to help, as I suppose you're getting rid of the dead/dull skin cells.

colditz · 20/03/2006 19:12

do you exfoliate enough? I have found since i hit my mid twenties that I need to exfoliate at least once a week or I go grey and flaky!

Also, a touch of pinkish bronzer really gives a glow.

desperatehousewife · 20/03/2006 19:14

also Clarins 'Beauty Flash Balm' is good for tightening and making feel glowy

mum2sam · 20/03/2006 19:14

I will put that on my shopping list can you recommend any particular one?

OP posts:
Tinker · 20/03/2006 19:16

Oh, to look 35....

mum2sam · 20/03/2006 19:19

LOL Tinker

OP posts:
Merlin · 20/03/2006 19:20

oh to be 35 [grin

Gillian76 · 20/03/2006 19:23

I exfoliate twice a week on my (beauty therapist) sister's advice. Also a mask can give you a glow.

Clarins have a section on \link{"Radiance Boosters"} if you have some spare cash. Fancy the Morning Cream myself :)

madmarchhare · 20/03/2006 19:24

Drink lots of water

Piffle · 20/03/2006 19:25

l'oreal micro dermabrasion kit, works a trest, use 2-3 x a week, buy a good light cleanser - don't use soap - nivea range is good, a wipe off cleanser type.

WideWebWitch · 20/03/2006 19:41

Be 25, sleep a lot, drink a lot of water, don't have children :) I'd kill to look 35 too...

bunyanvillas · 20/03/2006 20:51

Wow, it must be AWFUL to look 35 Grin !!!!! Just wait until you are 38 darling! I think, as someone said below, the old bronzer helps (although beware of putting it on with a heavy hand!) - plus lots and lots of water and a good night's sleep (HA HA!)

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