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Where online can I buy men's slippers in size 12-13?

5 replies

TinCan · 16/03/2006 16:03

Need to find an online shop that sells men's slippers in UK size 12-13. Prefer the slip-on kind. Have tried Land's End, but they were too small.

OP posts:
Furball · 16/03/2006 16:27

3 x M & S \link{\1}, \link{\2}, \link{\3} in a 12

starlover · 16/03/2006 16:33

m&s come up quite large.
my dad is a 12 but can fit in an m&s 11 fine

TinCan · 16/03/2006 16:36

Brilliant - thanks!

OP posts:
Ozzybird · 16/03/2006 17:39

There's also a shoe shop in Northampton called Magnus, they supply right up to a size 15. \link{}

Ozzybird · 16/03/2006 17:39

Sorry, link not worked but at least you have the address.

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