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More wedding dress code advice needed!

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cupcakes · 13/03/2006 20:17

My brother is getting married in August. Can dh wear his regular 'wedding' suit or does he have to hire a morning suit - is he considered part of the wedding party or is he too removed? I rarely speak to my brother or his fiance (but do love them! We're both just a bit rubbish at that) and I'm not sure they'd know anyhow.
What's the etiquette?

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Passionflower · 13/03/2006 21:51

Is he going to be an usher?

If so he'll need a morning suit to match groom and best man etc. If not just a nice suit will be fine. We are going to BIL's wedding in the summer and DH is planning on treating himself to a Paul Smith suit.

cupcakes · 13/03/2006 22:10

No, he's not an usher. Dd is a bridesmaid and ds is a page so dh and I are going to be quite involved in parts.
He's really hoping he doesn't have to wear a morning suit.

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thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 13/03/2006 22:25

I think usually people - like ushers - are specifically asked to wear morning suits. Anyone else is left to their own devices. I think, to be honest, wearing morning suit when you are not part of the main wedding group verges on being a bit poncey. Having said that some weddings are v posh and lots of people wear them. but doesn;t sound like this one, if its your brother and you're in doubt.

Passionflower · 13/03/2006 22:26

IMO if he's not an usher he doesn't need a morning suit.Smile

MaloryMargotTowers · 14/03/2006 11:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Feistybird · 14/03/2006 11:42

MMT - don't people mistake your dh for the groom? Grin

MaloryMargotTowers · 14/03/2006 11:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GDG · 14/03/2006 11:44

If he's not part of the 'wedding party' (i.e. best man, usher) then he can just wear a normal suit. My brothers were ushers so had morning suits but when SIL got married dh was not part of the party so he just wore a normal suit.

nailpolish · 14/03/2006 11:47

cupcakes, do you live in scotland? (sorry if im wrong, but i had a feeling you do)

i do find scottish weddings are a bit less formal, therefore a normal suit is fine, even for the kirk

cupcakes · 14/03/2006 18:26

no, although mil is from there so maybe that's what you're remembering.
Wedding will be in college in Cambridge.
I actually spoke to brother today and completely forgot to ask him. I think that unless dh suddenly gets promoted to usher then he'll be in reg suit.
lol at MT's dh.Smile

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