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bargain shoes thread

41 replies

cod · 11/03/2006 13:54

ok for those of you heo reckon all new look sheos are crap i have foudn a new outlet (pronounce it OOLAY for style)

oh yes htey have some mocassiny ballet pump corss things int ehre for a mree £20 brown wih a kitten heel so you dont fell like an oompa loopmpa and with sparkly bit onthe front. very nice imo and really soft leather

\link{\kind like theones on the left but with sparkles}

OP posts:
suzywong · 11/03/2006 13:57

moccasin with a kitten heel???

I must be way behind the times because that sounds very unpleasant

cod · 11/03/2006 14:12

i know doesnt it
there are loads of shoes aroudn like that

OP posts:
spidermama · 11/03/2006 14:13

For my brother's wedding I've just bought shoes very like these ( \link{\Scroll along 8 places to number 3003}) for a tenner down from £70.
The picture doesn't do them justice. Mine are nicer. They have no fur but rather purple frilly leather around the foot and with a purple fringy bit swishing over the heel.

expatinscotland · 11/03/2006 14:13

ooo, i like the heels in the middle!

cod · 11/03/2006 14:20

blloody hell spider mama!

OP posts:
spidermama · 11/03/2006 14:37

I know. Normally I Mrs. Bucket feet with Birkinstocks in summer, Chris Braishers in the winter. I'm practising walking in them and inevitably I feel like a tranny.

cod · 12/03/2006 16:59


this is for you this htread

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 12/03/2006 17:09

i'm headed to tesco tomorrow to check out those heels.

snafu · 12/03/2006 17:13

Oooh, spidermam, am luuuuurving that site. Where are the prices, though?

spidermama · 13/03/2006 10:01

Snafu not too bad afaik. I got mine for a tenner, but I think they were only about £60 or £70 to begin with.

fimbo · 13/03/2006 10:04

LOL Cod I knew it would be when I saw the op. I bought patent ballet pumps in PRIMARK for £6, I even bought some for my dd in the children's section for £5!! Roll on the better weather!

cod · 13/03/2006 18:30

ok i loved the pointed sliver(!) kitten heeled sinley pikces things in new look today
cant justify

OP posts:
nutcracker · 13/03/2006 18:32

Where do you wear all these fancy shoes too though ?

I am always seeing nice shoes but can never think when i'd wear them.

cupcakes · 13/03/2006 18:33

fimbo - I want patent pumps. Do you think there'll be none less if I go tomorrow?

cod · 13/03/2006 18:41

to the pub/for meals out to friends

sicial life has picked up in the last 18months

OP posts:
Smurfgirl · 13/03/2006 19:07

i saw those shoes and i think no

flat shoes or heels none of this poncy kitten heels crap


i want some patent flats btw do you think navy is pushing it?

nutcracker · 13/03/2006 19:16

Hmmm pub and out with not things i do at the mo.

Mind you i have offers of babysitting flooding in so I might actually get out past daylight at some point one day.

cod · 13/03/2006 19:17

they had a sparlky navy it her i THINK

ye s nutty god now ds3 is seleping im out a lot mreo

OP posts:
Smurfgirl · 13/03/2006 19:23

But is navy too much...humm. Maybe grey would be better.

cod · 13/03/2006 19:24

have you esenet he grey version of my mini mouse shoes in new look?
the relaly high courts wihtthe bow?

OP posts:
Smurfgirl · 13/03/2006 19:26

Ye sbut don't wear heels at all so no go (remember weird foot prob?)

Humm humm humm. Do want some patent flats. Maybe topshop will have some nice ones.

cod · 13/03/2006 19:27

they ahd some ine new look i think
baclk and red

OP posts:
MaloryTowers · 13/03/2006 19:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cod · 14/03/2006 09:18

lol you are like margot

OP posts:
freshstart · 14/03/2006 09:24

primark is fab for ballet pumps at the moment they have patent in white, red, black and navy. Have them all :) For £6 a pop why not!

The pink patent ballet pumps for children are lovely too

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