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Hairdressers - wierd idea?

5 replies

meowmix · 28/02/2006 16:58

I'm away for a girls w/e in Chester soon and will be getting there hours before my friends. I am in dire need of a haircut and possibly colour... would it be a stupid idea to try to do this in Chester before the others arrive?

does anyone know of any hairdressers there? good ones preferably Grin

OP posts:
lilybird · 03/03/2006 08:14

hi i work in chester, there are loads of really good hairdressers such as, toni & guy, andrew colliege (sp?). there are also little salon's which i believe are quite good.

meowmix · 03/03/2006 15:37

great, its obviously worse than I thought - someone just asked if I was going for the Suzi Quatro look! Shock

OP posts:
lilybird · 03/03/2006 15:44

what? have you had your hair done already?

meowmix · 03/03/2006 15:53

no! not for... 6 months. I must look a complete state today is all!

OP posts:
lilybird · 03/03/2006 16:06

oh sorry, got the wrong end of the stick!!
what have you decided? are you going to go for it?
when are you going to chester?

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