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Ok, ok all you Primark snobs...

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TinyGang · 24/02/2006 16:37

The nice skirt I bought there and liked A LOT is falling to bits. I've worn it twice and washed it once. Hurrumph! Go on then, tell me I should've spent a zillion pounds on a Toast one instead. I'm sulking.

OP posts:
charliecat · 24/02/2006 16:38

Ah but it was so cheap you could have brought 5 I bet

cod · 24/02/2006 22:12

Message withdrawn

goldstarlover · 24/02/2006 22:13


i went in there today and it was horrible. why did i ever think it might be ok???????? why? why?????

FrannyandZooey · 24/02/2006 22:14

Yes the triumph of my recent New Look spree was sadly deflated when both the necklaces fell apart when I tried to wear them and a button fell off the dress while I was only looking at it.

Take it back.

Flossam · 24/02/2006 22:17

I used to be a cleaner for them when I was at college [shameful emoticon] I reckon if you go first thing in the morning the shelves are a bit neater and more organised?

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