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Which hair straighteners are the best?

5 replies

mrspink27 · 20/02/2006 09:58

need to finally get up to date and get some hair straighteners, which are the best ...?

OP posts:
TambaTheDragonSlayer · 20/02/2006 09:59

When i was at the hair dressers they used GHD ones but i dont know if thats a make of straightener or what

mrspink27 · 20/02/2006 10:05

yes they're a make.

OP posts:
TambaTheDragonSlayer · 20/02/2006 10:06

They worked wonders on my very curly hair and it lasted until i washed it. I think they are expensive though. Ive got some cheap ones here which dont work at all.

Dinosaur · 20/02/2006 10:06

I bought GHD ones on the strength of numerous mumsnet recommendations and think they're brilliant.

leggymamba · 20/02/2006 10:08

I've just bought (using boots points) Mark Hill ones made by morphy richards. They were £40 but should have been £80. Never used them previously and have really bad hair - now have fantastic hair and am addicted. People keep asking if I've had it cut.

Took advice from trendy younger sister - you get what you pay for and the thinner/narrower the better.

Good luck and happy straightening

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