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Do you use mail order catalogues?

4 replies

Posey · 16/02/2006 20:43

Just wondered if you do and if so which are any good. I never seem to have time to browse in shops but really could do with some new clothes. Wondered which catalogues anyone could recommend.

OP posts:
alliep30 · 16/02/2006 20:45

la redoute... excellent prices and stylish french clothes!!

blueteddy · 16/02/2006 20:45

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland · 16/02/2006 20:46

No. I order online a lot from US sites, have the gear sent to my mom there, and she either sends it along or brings it w/her on one of her frequent visits.

alliep30 · 16/02/2006 20:47

ooooh gymboreeeeeeeeeee.

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