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Party next week and nothing to please!

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hatesponge · 12/05/2012 22:33

It is my party. I'm going to be 40 which is bad enough in itself so I would like a new dress for the occasion. I am aware I am leaving it somewhat late!

My budget is as cheap as possible because the bloody party is costing an arm and a leg. I am a size 14, large busted. Quite happy to show off arms, legs, cleavage whatever. Want something that looks foxy and does not scream boring middle aged woman Grin

OP posts:
Collision · 12/05/2012 22:38
Collision · 12/05/2012 22:40
hatesponge · 12/05/2012 22:45

I think I've tried the purple one on...or something v similar if not. It and my non flat tummy didnt see eye to eye.

The black and red however could work!

OP posts:
Collision · 12/05/2012 22:46

There are looooaaads of dresses at DP for little money! Have a look at their website.

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