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Trunk type boxers

2 replies

nothinglefttolose · 12/05/2012 16:16

Help me find trunk type boxers like calvin klein style for my skinny 9 year old.

Just bought the m and s Autograph ones today- miles too big

He's really slim but tall the Autograph ones used to fit really well but now instead of age 9. age 10 etc they have gone into merged sizes he was wearing age 8 but 9-10 huge.

Don't mind paying a bit more ... as he says' pants are important mum'

OP posts:
Eglu · 12/05/2012 16:26

DSes have matalan ones. They are very plain but come from age 2-3.

DS1 is a very skinny 8 almost 9 yo and is currently wearing age 6-7.

MrsMeow · 12/05/2012 17:09

DS wears Next ones which are a good fit and wash v well.

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