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Pima cotton and modal fabric - I think I'm in love!

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PoppyWearer · 12/05/2012 04:32

I bought a top by Whistles (previous season version of this in a charity shop and it's amazing! The fabric skims over my mum-tum (7lbs still to lose) and it makes me look skinny (am size 12). Plus it doesn't need ironing, which I adore.

I am putting this miracle down to the "Pima cotton and modal" fabric mix. I've looked for other clothes with this mix and found a few on net-a-porter. So is this some "designer" clothes magic fabric combination, not intended for mere mortals?

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MoonlightandRoses · 12/05/2012 23:30

Hello my old ship-mate Smile.
Um, a bit? It's basically the expensive version of rayon and cotton mixed (which, if you find the right cut, does the same job).
Worth dropping in to TK Maxx or one of the two sites below from time to time to see what's around on sale though.
// - (prob tops only on this one)

PoppyWearer · 13/05/2012 04:47

Thank you!

Hadn't thought of TK Maxx, etc thanks. I've owned Rayon/Modal mix clothes in the past but they have never been flattering (am looking at you, M&S). I was looking at the label in my t-shirt to find out what season it was and I noticed the material details.

Found some fab stuff on net-a-porter by a company called Splendid. Going to need to flog some of my old stuff on eBay before I can justify buying it though!

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