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I need a new handbag.....any suggestions?

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Earlybird · 14/02/2006 22:52

I was sitting on the tube tonight, and as I looked at my 5 year old handbag, realised it is finally time for a new one. I'm after a reasonably sized shoulder bag that zips or buckles to close. It should be a versatile style for casual or smart use, and should be a neutral colour. Don't mind paying a generous amount as I'm likely to be using it for the next 5 years!

Also would love to hear about/see links for any reasonably priced spring/summer bags...which could be trendy/fun (rather than classic) as they're cheaper!

Anyone seen anything that might be worth considering?

OP posts:
Earlybird · 15/02/2006 17:09

Anyone have any ideas?

OP posts:
messagedeleted · 15/02/2006 17:10

i tend to buy placcy ones then i can bin them at will

messagedeleted · 15/02/2006 17:10

also whya neutral colour
i love the one in next that is bright green like mine

messagedeleted · 15/02/2006 17:11

top left

Frenchgirl · 15/02/2006 17:12

Have a look on the red-direct site, they have lots of nice handbags
I can't bear cheap handbags, did get one in M&S a couple of years ago and hated it every time I wore it

Frenchgirl · 15/02/2006 17:16

loads here

or Longchamp is always good for a good shape, good quality classic handbag (that's the one I use at the moment)

Earlybird · 15/02/2006 17:22

Well...the one I'm ready to bin is a Prada, so after 5 years I got more than enough use out of it to justify the price.

Tend to think neutral colours because I'm not one of those people who change handbags according to what I'm wearing. I tend to have black, brown, tan and maybe some sort of fabric or straw. But, maybe it's time for a change, and I should get more adventurous....

OP posts:
messagedeleted · 15/02/2006 17:27


i dont liek all thsoe buckles that seemt o eb in fasion
if you are talkig designer i am out of my league
i am a disposbale kinda gal

Frenchgirl · 15/02/2006 17:29

How about Mulberry? I would stay with neutral colours if I were you, much prettier
Trying to have a look on Net a porter but loading super slowly....

messagedeleted · 15/02/2006 17:29

neutral boring

Kayleigh · 15/02/2006 17:31

oh drooool

hoxtonchick · 15/02/2006 17:31

cocinelle, circa, orla kiely, mandarina duck. all of these are quite trendy but you can get them in neutral colours. i have a couple of kimchi bags which i adore but might not be traditional enough...

Frenchgirl · 15/02/2006 17:32

neutral classy if top quality handbag!!!

Earlybird · 15/02/2006 17:35

So cod - going with the disposable many handbags do you have in active use? Typically, how many new bags do you buy per season?

Agree about too many buckles. There often isn't the space to set the bag down to undo buckles in a store/bank/etc....

Agree Frenchgirl that Longchamp makes beautiful bags, and is definitely worth a look...

OP posts:
Frenchgirl · 15/02/2006 17:37

Mulberry goodies here, yum

Frenchgirl · 15/02/2006 17:39

some beauties here

hoxtonchick · 15/02/2006 17:41

liberty has an excellent selection

Frenchgirl · 15/02/2006 17:43

this is my current-most used one
very handy, love the side pocket for easy mobile phone access (but secure at the same time)
Mine is khaki and fabulous

PrincessPeaHead · 15/02/2006 17:43

I got a beautiful bag from Tods last year - bright orange. For summer obviously, but it is lovely and the shape etc is quite simple so I anticipate using it for many many years to come despite its groovy colour.

I also think you can't beat Fendi. But you are back in the realms of the £700 bag then...

good handbags (gucci etc) used to cost £350l, why are they all £800 now??

messagedeleted · 15/02/2006 17:44

but its so boring fg

messagedeleted · 15/02/2006 17:44

three badgs in use

but dont liek plain ones

messagedeleted · 15/02/2006 17:45

aagree wiht pph groovy coour is MUcH admired ( my pea green one) is one of my most admired things

was £20 jl

will bin when looks bad

HandbagAddiction · 15/02/2006 17:47

Ahhhh handbags....a subject close to my heart!!!

It's such a shame that Coach have pulled all their concessions out of the UK as I really rate all their stuff.

My next fave would be Tanner Krolle - but have to admit these are abit limited on the 'practicality' front, i.e. can't fit dd's beaker plus other assorted bit and pieces in them easily.

Furla also do some nice bags and for sheer practicality at a not so extortionate price...what about Osprey???

Frenchgirl · 15/02/2006 17:50

for someone who doesn't like to change handbags according to what they wear neutral is best!

I like to change handbags and have some colourful ones, for instance a beautiful bright red one which does look fab

but I do think they can easily look tacky when colourful unless v good quality

vickiyumyum · 15/02/2006 17:57

i particularly love mulberry handbags, i ahev a roxanne that i still use nearly two years after purchase and its one of those that get better with age, a bit slouchier etc. but i must admit i would prefer one that goes over my shoulder easily, the one on the red website is nice 'slouchy bag' and is only £69 think i might get one, although not sure which colour, my brain says tan for practicality but my heart say red cos its nice!!!!

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