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opinions on these shoes purlease...

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ThatVikRinA22 · 08/05/2012 20:27


so what do you reckon?

ive been hunting for platform nude courts but im having real trouble finding any for a reasonable price.

i had seen some really nice ones in Barratts but they dont fit me, im sick of pissing about on the internet ordering shoes that i either have to find a store to return them to or pay for postage. (im a size 4, sent for a 4 from barratts and couldnt get my toes in....)

the beauty with next is the free returns....

i want a full shoe, not a peep toe. i trawled meadowhall shopping centre on Monday and came home with precisely nothing Sad anything i liked was out of stock in my size.

im getting desperate now folks...

OP posts:
bigpants103 · 08/05/2012 20:30

m&s had got some very similar from autograph with a wooden platform and heel. They were nice. There is something about the platform that looks weird imo but they are nice enough for £26.

Mombojombo · 08/05/2012 20:35

Hmmmm... I like the idea of them, but the platform looks like an afterthought somehow... What about:

Dorothy Perkins

Moda in Pelle



ThatVikRinA22 · 08/05/2012 21:54

i know - the platform looks like its an afterthought but i have trawled around meadowhall and tried dotty p, barratts, moda in pelle, topshop and office and none of them had my size in any platform nude court shoe! not one!

i was totally fed up of trawling the shops - the dorothy perks one is actually the barratts shoe - i ordered them on the internet and had to return them as there was very little room for my toes!

ive tried everywhere. the only thing i could do is keep ordering different sizes off the net and its getting terribly expensive to keep returning them. Thats why i wanted somewhere that did home shopping with free returns...

OP posts:
ThatVikRinA22 · 08/05/2012 22:21

i think ive left it way to late for this particular trend... as usual! im too late!

OP posts:
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