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Please help me accessorise dress for wedding - having doubts about bargain sale dress but stuck with it

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jumpyjan · 08/05/2012 19:40

I bought a dress in the reiss sale in the winter for an early summer wedding here and am now not sure about it. I do still like it but think it needs accessorising well to set it off. It really needs a belt but not sure what type/colour and was also considering a pashmina.

I was wondering about pink accessories - I would say the dress is a dark mink colour.

DH will be unimpressed if I announce I need to buy another dress so grateful for any help in making me feel happier about this one Smile

OP posts:
FamiliesShareGerms · 08/05/2012 19:42

I'd go with really bright shoes (pink, yellow, blue, whatever you like) for shoes with quite a chunky heel and a clashing / contrasting clutch bag.

Dress looks lovely

MrsLettuce · 08/05/2012 19:48

I rather like it! Are you sure you need/want need a belt? Had a quick look and found it with one here, TBH I think it spoils the line and flow.

What sort of budget? Do you need a hat?

MrsLettuce · 08/05/2012 19:49

Oh, and how old are and what colouring?

MrsCampbellBlack · 08/05/2012 19:51

I think bright pink too!

I've got these in the magenta which would look fab with your dress.

MadameChinLegs · 08/05/2012 19:52

Hmmm...I'd be wary of adding a belt due to the may make them wonky/stick out. If you need a belt, i'd go for a very think one, tide a little loose around the waist.

quirky pink skinny belt
metal loop belt to add a bit of decoration to the front od the dress
hot pink patent heels

mirpuppet · 08/05/2012 19:52

I'm also not sure it will look better with a belt -- think it will look great without one.

MerylStrop · 08/05/2012 19:53

purple, red or metallic maybe
yy to pashmina, y to belt unless you are vv skinny, high heels, clutch. none nee to be expensive

ThatGhastlyWoman · 08/05/2012 19:56

I like the dress. I personally would think about wearing more sculptural jewelry with it- see here for inspiration. Just a necklace or a bracelet, though, not piles of it!

MrsCampbellBlack · 08/05/2012 19:57

Yes a dramatic cuff would be good.

I wouldn't belt it personally.

jumpyjan · 08/05/2012 20:01

Thanks all. I had not thought about bright pink.

The thing is in the pictures I think it is pinned back to give a waist but it actally look v square and loose.

To answer questions I am size 12 so sadly not super skinny. Colouring is blonde hair and fair skin and I am mid thirties.

OP posts:
jumpyjan · 08/05/2012 20:09

mrsc those shoes are gorgeous. Thanks for the belt links madam that was the kind of thing I was thinking but was doubting myself and wondering if I should of been going for a wide belt.

I do like the big jewellery and have a metallic cuff bracelet which might work.

OP posts:
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