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Debenhams gorgeous bras

10 replies

leobeebs · 06/05/2012 15:12

Has anyone tried them? Are they true to size? Normally I contain my norks in fantasie bras but a bit skint to fork out £36!

Am a 32gg

OP posts:
sparkles281 · 06/05/2012 15:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

warmandwooly · 06/05/2012 15:19

Leo-Debenhams have a BOGOF on clerance bras. I got two Freya bras for nine quid. Worth popping in for a look! They also had Fantasie etc

leobeebs · 06/05/2012 15:24

Thanks wooly. Do you know when it ends? Am finishing work early tues so could pop by then.

OP posts:
warmandwooly · 06/05/2012 15:28

No idea when it ends. Probably still be on given people flocking to shops over BH monday. I picked mine up on Friday.

waitingforgodot · 06/05/2012 16:58

I wouldn't recommend gorgeous. I found they ride up at the back which I dont get with panache, freya etc. Maybe their sizing is different though?

Dawndonna · 06/05/2012 18:32

That's funny, waiting, I love gorgeous (38dd) and live in them. Everybody is different!
Guess the point is Leo, that it may be worth buying one and seeing how you get on.

Mombojombo · 06/05/2012 19:07

Pre-breastfeeding I was a 32FF and pretty much lived in Gorgeous t-shirt bras. Very comfy, good range of colours etc. funnily enough I never got on with Freya, found them pinchy & small. Essentially I'd always try on bras and have a good shimmy in the changing room to see what bulges occur!

DinahMoHum · 06/05/2012 19:08

i love them, but you need to try them on, as they dont all fit the same. Im between a 30E and a 32FF in debenhams, depending on the style

warmandwooly · 06/05/2012 19:21

They had some of the Gorheous range in the offer too!

TooEasilyTempted · 06/05/2012 19:32

I like the Debenhams Gorgeous range. I find them really comfortable and they give a nice shape. Their sizing is definitely out though, I'm an 30E in any other brand and a 30FF from the Gorgeous range.

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