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What colour/type bag with this outfit?

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ruby22 · 05/05/2012 12:53

As it's still quite cold out I have been wearing my fave outfit of the spring but can just never quite get it right bag-wise.
It consists of jacket like this (but not that one), indigo skinnies, cream silk shirt from Zara, shoes similar to this and one of my many scarves, usually in light blues, or navy/cream stripes, or patterned with navy/cream/dusky pink etc but have tried it with cream bag and looks wrong, black seems too harsh and although have alot of tan bags (something of a hobby) they just don't seem to go.
Wondered if I need a bag in canvas to offset the grey leather jacket and shoes...? Or is wearing same colour jacket and shoes just too matchy-matchy?
So.........can anyone suggest what colour/type/material of bag they would wear with such an outfit??? Thanks and any links even better!

OP posts:
mirpuppet · 05/05/2012 15:13

Wish I could help -- I would go with black or blue leather.

I would not go with canvas.

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