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Argan oil and highlights?

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alfiemama · 04/05/2012 14:32

I'm at the hairdressers this afternoon for my highlights and colour. My question is though, I use the Lee Stafford Argan oil in my hair. You put a few drops in a dry it in. Will I need to wash my hair? But then I have always thought you shouldn't have freshly washed hair for highlights and colour. I really wish I hadn't put it in yesterday!

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wishiwasonholiday · 04/05/2012 14:34

I read that it helps your hair absorb colour and that you should put some on before colouring on the moroccanoil website.

alfiemama · 04/05/2012 15:00

Really! Wow thanks I will check it out.

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valiumredhead · 04/05/2012 15:56

It'll be fine.

alfiemama · 04/05/2012 20:21

Thanks valium. Just come back and it's taken really well, better than ever before.

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