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RockChick1984 · 03/05/2012 15:57

My new coloured skinny jeans that I've bought on the advice of mumsnet? I got a pair in fuschia and a pair in dark purple. Without advice, it'll be a plain black tshirt and flat sandals / converse with purple, white tshirt and sandals / converse with the pink - do you see a theme coming from my wardrobe? Grin

I'm 28, size 10-11 but always used to be 8-10 pre baby and pre jelly belly and am trying to get a vague sense of style back!

Oh, and I'm skint so supermarket, new look etc are pretty much my budget!

OP posts:
MrsMeow · 03/05/2012 16:15

Ooh the purple sound lovely, my fave colour! I've got Converse that would match as well!

I'd probably wear the same as you've mentioned, I have maroon jeans and always keep the top simple when I wear them - black, white or dark grey LS top and a black long cardi with boots. I'll wear ballet flats with them when it's warmer though.

My friend has some royal blue ones which she wears with brown ankle boots, they look lovely :)

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