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Selling designer dresses

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KatieMiddleton · 03/05/2012 15:45

I have some lovely dresses, mostly designer that I would like to sell seeing as I am pregnant will never be that thin again and I've now accepted I'm unlikely to get the wear out of them.

They've all bee professionally dry cleaned and are just hanging about all unloved so it would be nice to think they've gone to a good home as well as making a few quid. I have an eBay account but I've never sold so I'm reluctant to give that a try.

All suggestions welcomed.

OP posts:
MrsSnow · 03/05/2012 15:50

You could do it via Pandora's. I've not sold through them but have a friend who buys from them.

KatieMiddleton · 03/05/2012 16:06

Thanks MrsSnow. I think some of my stuff might be slightly more on the vintage side as they only want stuff that's less than 2 years old.

I may become a shopper at Pandora instead

OP posts:
KatieMiddleton · 03/05/2012 16:12

Ok now I really need to get rid of this stuff because I have just seen the most beautiful dress on that Pandora site. I wonder how long I could get away with wearing it with the bump?

OP posts:
HipHopOpotomus · 03/05/2012 16:21

have you seen the ASOS market place? A friend of mine uses that to sell vintage dresses. She also uses Etsy.

KatieMiddleton · 03/05/2012 16:24

Ooh good plan. I will have a look at Folksy too - I hadn't even thought of that.

I'll see if my sister will model. She's still childless thin.

OP posts:
KatieMiddleton · 03/05/2012 16:25

Thank you!

OP posts:
Pinot · 03/05/2012 19:38

I have nothing to add :)

rusmum · 03/05/2012 19:43

ooh!! link when u have listed x

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