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Dresses for hourglass figure

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deburca · 02/05/2012 19:55

Can any of you wise ladies out there point me in the direction of a dress for a wedding I have to attend. Im hourglass, admitedly with a bit of a tummy at the minute (which will go soon with constant dieting! ahem!!).

Im 5ft 6, probably about a size 12-14. The wedding is in July and I really want to have something nice to wear. I look at the gorgeous kim kardashian and think her clothes are fab if a little ott for a wedding but you get the general jist of what im after. Any advice?



OP posts:
minipie · 02/05/2012 21:05

Sounds like you want Karen Millen. Cut for hourglasses (warning: they come up small) and Kardashian like.

Reiss is also worth a look for their fit and flare or fitted dresses. (ignore the tunicky style ones).

So Couture is also worth a look - slightly retro feeling, v glam dresses, especially the Bombshell dress. Perfect for hourglass.

Dollydowser · 02/05/2012 21:17


deburca · 03/05/2012 18:07

thanks so much ladies, minipie think im going to ge the red palm springs dress from so couture, thanks so much for that, what you all think?
sorry not sure if the above linky thing will work


OP posts:
minipie · 03/05/2012 18:19

Ooh I like it (though I'd need serious Spanx to wear with it!)

DonInKillerHeels · 03/05/2012 18:25

NOT Karen Millen (boak).

L K Bennett or any Italian designer for my money.

HazleNutt · 03/05/2012 20:08

LK Bennett Davina will look gorgeous on you.

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