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Surely its wrong to be buying boots in may(well nearly)............

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alwaysrunninginheels · 30/04/2012 10:22

I am sick of this weather. My feet are freezing and its rained for that a good enough reason to be buying "summer boots"? Cream boots for summer- a good idea or not?

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HugeFurryWishingStool · 30/04/2012 10:37

Sure you'll wear them again in the Autumn! Why not, you might get a nice bargain as they're out of season. Got any in mind?

ujjayi · 30/04/2012 10:38

Hmm, not sure about cream but I have just bought some tan ankle boots from ASOS and loved wearing them this weekend. They just feel a little closer to spring/summer wear than black and gave me an opportunity to wear something a little more spring like. And I know it is cold and raining and we should just continue to wear winter stuff but I can't face it any longer!

FreePeaceSweet · 30/04/2012 10:54

I bought a pair for £19 reduced from £70 the other day. I can't wait to wear them.

alwaysrunninginheels · 30/04/2012 14:10

Am going to take the fact eBay released more of my sale money this am as A SIGN!! And the fact that the car parking at the gym was like a duck pond this morning means they are practically essential. And then there's the fact if I buy boots surely then the clouds will clear and spring will come's hoping! Am in love with the cream/light tan ones the lady in does my bum look40 blog!

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