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What to wear with skirts....

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LaWobble · 29/04/2012 16:45

Stupid question, but I never know what to wear with skirts. I love pretty skirts in the summer, but generally wear them with a plain t-shirt which makes me feel a bit of a frump. I wouldn't know how to co-ordinate a blouse / shirt with a skirt, they always make me feel a bit mannish.

Any suggestions?


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redhappy · 29/04/2012 16:54

No suggestions, but I have the same quandry so I'm marking my place.

BTW in winter I wear them with a fine knit cardigan.

SkinnyVanillaLatte · 29/04/2012 17:07

I don't see what's wrong with a t shirt or vest as long as it is shaped and doesn't have a crew neck.

Can't look mannish with some wedge sandals,a bit of fake tan slapped on and some great accessories.

Hope not as I like to wear this look!

fallenangle · 29/04/2012 17:44

It depends on style and length of skirt to some extent and whether you are at work or not. A low cut top and short skirt could be showing too much skin. I can t see a problem with the T shirt. How about a top with buttons or other twidly bits. Or you could wear dresses, no need to think about combining top and bottom then.

SkinnyVanillaLatte · 29/04/2012 18:30

Yes,I like knee length skirts with a v neck t that doesn't expose any cleavage to speak of.

Accessories could be added to the plain t's to give a bit of interest - I'm thinking sewing on a grouping of buttons or something.

I have to say I don't do the blouse/skirt mix (but I don't do blouses at all....)

EllieorOllie · 29/04/2012 19:28

Scoop-necked tees or lace-trimmed vests here. But they have to be good quality and fit well. LOGG at H&M are the best IMO.

I have to say though, lots of the young girls at work wear chiffon pussy-bow blouses tucked into pencil skirts and they look luffly...

EllieorOllie · 29/04/2012 19:30

Oh, or silky shell-type tops. Also very popular. They are all about 18 though so can get away with it. I'd look like my Nanna...

LaWobble · 29/04/2012 23:20

Thanks for the replies, so t-shirts are acceptable from the sounds of things :) I always feel like I'm copping out a bit! Maybe I need to find a better quality T!!!

What does 'crew neck' mean? I love H&M t-shirts Ellie, like the lace lined cami type ones with a little summery cardi. I love the idea of the silky type blousy tops, but fear I am too old, and not very good at fashion type stuff to work that look!!!

Thanks all, I will have some more faith in my t-shirt choice Smile

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