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Travelling outfit - what do you wear?

23 replies

UnrequitedSkink · 27/04/2012 22:10

I'm flying abroad next week, Heathrow to Atlanta, overnight stay and then onto the Baja peninsula in Mexico for a week (swank swank). (To be fair, DH won it as a prize from work, we'd never be able to afford it ourselves!)

So, I want to look urbane and sophisticated and NOT dishevelled when I arrive - I've got a cropped pale grey blazer from Zara, and I was thinking a plain white tee underneath and some kind of wide scarf and dark indigo jeans, does that sound ok? Any other ideas?

OP posts:
kaumana · 27/04/2012 22:38

Sounds like a great outfit but I would rethink the white T shirt and scarf and possibly the dark jeans. It's not clear in your post if you are staying in a hotel in Atlanta or are hanging out in the airport till your connecting flight.

kaumana · 27/04/2012 23:03

The reasons for the above: a white T on a long haul is asking for trouble, a long scarf will irritate the hell out of you in an hour or so plus this is where the dark jeans come will be sweating your arse off as soon as you step off the plane and will be really uncomfortable. Having said that the blazer if a soft one will kee p you warm if the cabin temp is cool.

warmandwooly · 27/04/2012 23:09

Imo Kylie gets is right when you see her coming/going to air ports. I would look to her for inspiration and if you like it follow !

Maybe a pashmina tied to the handle/side of your bag to add a sophistaced touch and then put on when cold.

WipsGlitter · 27/04/2012 23:12

I had a terrible bloating experience in jeans on a flight from New York I was in agony. Next long haul I wore tights and a denim skirt (it was winter) as soon as the lights went off I went too the loo and put on velour trakkies. Man next to me was very impressed. Nonpne really cares, unless you are Posh Spice and expect to be papped then go for comfort.

ujjayi · 27/04/2012 23:15

The last long haul flight I went on I wore chinos and a Breton with the mumsnet scarf. Once airborne, I changed into some harem trousers from Hush and a pair of cashmere socks. Shortly before landing, I changed back into the chinos and changed the Breton for a slub-finish white cotton v neck tee, adding flat leather sandals and the scarf.

UnrequitedSkink · 27/04/2012 23:21

Sorry, should have said we're staying in Atlanta for the night. Taking soft trousers/socks in hand luggage is a vv good idea, I like that! Not sure what the mumsnet scarf is, is it that £10 ebay leopard print? Off to Google Kylie at airports then!

(NB, no I don't expect to be papped but it will be our first trip in years sans kids and we're travelling/meeting some of DHs colleagues so I really would like to look... I dunno, together IYSWIM

OP posts:
MorrisZapp · 27/04/2012 23:24

In all honesty, dress solely for comfort. At the end of a long haul all you'll want to do is get straight to the hotel to shower and change.

Don't wear structured trousers of any kind. Soft, stretchy fabrics all the way.

I once flew back from Miami and there was a young woman in the next row wearing skin tight jeans, high heeled boots, a tight sweater and a wide, metal waist cincher. I got a sore stomache and sweaty ankles just looking at her.

dingdong3 · 27/04/2012 23:42

Cannot understand why anyone would change on a flight - unless you are going to be papped. There are some gorgeous jersey trousers out there - harem or wide legged. Layer a long sleeved t over a vest and I would go for a scarf that's light but big so you can wrap around you or stuff in your bag. I'd wear a jersey blazer over and some flat pumps that look a bit like trainers but are still a bit trendy IYKWIM. Defo bring socks, some face spritzer, sun glasses and a gorgeous perfume and you'll be gorgeous all the way there and back. Have a fab trip - I am beyond envious. Envy I dream of long haul flights without the kids...I don't even need a holiday at the end of it. Just 8 hours of peace watching movies and reading

monkeysmama · 28/04/2012 12:12

Have you thought about a jersey maxi? I have a black Gap one that never creases. I'd wear it with a big scarf, sunnies and blazer or jacket. Change of knickers & perfume.

savoycabbage · 28/04/2012 12:24

I always wear a jersey type dress. I never wear white.

BloooCowWonders · 28/04/2012 12:37

Patterns are best - I've had stuff spilt on my from other passengers and cabin crew... Plain fabrics show it all off!

Keep to slip-off shoes for security - in the US they make you go through security again when coming into the country!

If you're meeeting US colleagues, make sure your nails are perfect :)

Hair up and away from face for flight because of all the static. Get eyebrows done before you go as the plane loos are unforgiving and you can't take tweezers.

eurochick · 28/04/2012 12:53

I'd advise dressing solely for comfort. Nothing too tight, nothing that rides up/down leaving a gap for cold plane air to get into when you are sitting down. Pashminas are good as a standby extra layer/blanket. Unless you enjoy walking across manky airport floors barefoot, wear socks.

mirpuppet · 28/04/2012 13:52

I wear a dress/ leggings/ jacket (blazer)/ scarf & comfy shoes. I also bring socks even in heat of summer for the cold flight.

For UK-Atlanta flight -- comfort is key as its a long flight.

For Atlanta -Mexico leg a shorter flight -- maybe 3-4 hours; if you will see work colleagues either on plane or arrival at the hotel I would go a bit smarter. (I would not plan a transformation in lpane loo as they are tiny and can be disgusting). And remember it will be HOT when you get off the plane so layers so you don't swelter would be good.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 28/04/2012 17:33

Jersey maxi dress and denim shirt/jacket which can be removed on arrival. I take a pashmina and fluffy socks for the plane. Perfume a good idea - you could try a get a couple of those tiny sample tubes from department stores before you go. There's no way I'd change in a plane loo - ugh.

Labootin · 28/04/2012 17:35

Onesie big glasses and slipper socks

Bunbaker · 28/04/2012 17:41

I agree, go for comfort above all. My feet always freeze on planes because the aircon is so fierce so socks for wearing on the flight are a must. You will need layers because it will be hot once you arrive.

I have been to the US 3 times and they are very casual dressers so you won't look out of place if you aren't dressed to the nines.

HowAboutAHotCupOfShutTheHellUp · 28/04/2012 18:02

When flying long haul economy I change into a juicy tracksuit (don't wear it in public otherwise but its perfect for flying), a cashmere wrap for comfort (I sleep better when my body is covered and don't trust the cleanliness of airline blankets/pillows) and wear fluffy socks over my dvt socks. i change in the loo as soon as the seat belt sign is turned off. Takes me two minutes.

I take a soft neck pillow, a comfortable eye mask and ear plugs for napping in between in flight entertainment / meals.

I have a small toiletry bag with wipes, By Terry Radiance Renewing Mask, eye gel and lip balm (which i apply regularly during the flight). I take off my make up, slather on the By Terry mask and then I'm protected against the dehydrating atmosphere as much as I possibly can be.

I drink a lot of water.

I brush my teeth just before landing.

This might sound like a lot of hassle but I find it relaxing and helps to prepare my body and mind for the long flight. It also takes up some of the time. I feel refreshed when I land (well as much as one can be when crammed into a tiny space for 7+ hours).

UnrequitedSkink · 28/04/2012 18:17

Some absolutely phenomenal advice here, thanks guys. So now I'm thinking stretchy black or multi maxi, blazer, big sunnies, ballet slippers (for slipping on and off easily), make up bag, toothbrush, wrap and soft comfy socks! And my kindle, fo 8 hours of virtually uninterrupted reading...bliss. I'm looking forward to the flight more than the holiday Grin

OP posts:
Abzs · 28/04/2012 18:45

My last long haul I wore a maxi skirt and an Icebreaker t-shirt.

Maxi skirt because I was going via Abu Dhabi to Nepal but very comfy too and Icebreaker because it doesn't smell after 8 hours on a plane. (And I was going trekking so all my other clothes were hill based).

The time before was in full Scout uniform. Smart, and gets you through immigration with no hassles, but not comfy.

lowercase · 28/04/2012 19:02

loose cotton shirt dress
long socks
long cotton hooded cardi

all in variations of black, navy, red, white.
re; maxi, i like the air to reach my body

TattyDevine · 28/04/2012 19:28

Good ideas here

Done Heathrow to Atlanta, and back again on the red eye, its not too bad a journey but used to the long haul to Oz. Enjoy!

HexagonalQueenOfTheSummer · 28/04/2012 21:02

I've just ordered some juicy couture trackie bottoms to wear when we travel on holiday next month and will wear them with a hoodie and a vest top.


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StrawberrytallCAKE · 28/04/2012 21:06

Don't forget your spare pair of pants!

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