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Please help me find a bikini with Brazilian style bikini bottoms

5 replies

DeepOceanOfSecrets · 27/04/2012 08:59

Brazilian knickers are by far the most flattering on my shape. I want to find a bikini with the same style bottoms, not too expensive and no particular colour preference!

OP posts:
ZZMum · 27/04/2012 09:14

these have all sorts bikinis

ujjayi · 27/04/2012 09:44

I love the brazilian knickers too. Try some of the surf brands - O'Neill, Billabong, Animal, Protest, Rip Curl. They tend to be more of an M&S take on brazilian cut rather than the slinky micro version that seem to come up when you google brazilian bikinis!

MagsAloof · 27/04/2012 10:11


Oh sorry, but NO

DeepOceanOfSecrets · 27/04/2012 12:53

Thanks ZZMum, will take a look at that website.

I am meaning the M&S style brazilian shorts btw not the thong-type brazilian things! So yes ujjayi maybe a surf brand would be a good call.

Why do you say that Mags?

OP posts:
Dropdeadfred · 27/04/2012 12:55

I'm in love with m & s Brazilian briefs atm

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