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Just got this months glossy box.

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QuietNinjaKnowsNotWhatToDo · 27/04/2012 08:05

And I'm really impressed so it's a shame I've already cancelled to try amarya. This month is a natural, organic type of box and much better than the Harrods one!
I've got full size Inika organic eye liner, burts bees nourishing body lotion 70g, full size figs and rouge lip balm, monu moisture rich collagen cream 50ml and caudalie SOS thirst quenching serum 10ml. All stuff I will try out.
So are they likely to do this again or shall I stick to trying out amarya and going back to glossy if it's crap? I do prefer more natural, less crap in them products cos I have sensitive oily, dry who the fuck knows skin.

OP posts:
AlpinePony · 27/04/2012 09:18

I don't know what to advise you tbh, but just wanted to say that I'm loving my boxes (glossy and beauty).

This month I've had creme de la mer, decleor and all sorts. I'm a total brand whore anyway, so this is saving me a fortune as I've always got stuff in.

Snoozy1 · 27/04/2012 11:21

Ooh I've been wanting to try creme de la mer, which box is that in? I'm still waiting for my Glossybox to arrive.

QuietNinjaKnowsNotWhatToDo · 27/04/2012 12:02

Think I'll try amarya and then go back to glossy box if it's rubbish. Does anyone know what sort of products are in other boxes? Can't remember the names of them all right now though, shesaid? Um carmine what are the others?

OP posts:
Fillybuster · 27/04/2012 12:11

Ooh, never knew about this before, but googled it and it looks fab. Any discounts I should know about before I sign up?

puzzlepetal · 27/04/2012 12:13

I got the same box as you QNKWTD and I love it all. Just perfect for my weatherbeaten skin. Carmine merged with Glossy Box last month though.

QuietNinjaKnowsNotWhatToDo · 27/04/2012 12:23

Ok so not many boxes to try now as feel uniques gone too so I'll stick with amarya and then decide. I know filly I was unreasonably excited this morning when postie called and that's with not being to impressed with last months box so crikey knows what I'll be like with the amarya which is more 'my sort' of products.

OP posts:
fragola · 27/04/2012 12:29

I was disappointed with this months Amarya box - a 50ml bottle of argan oil, a 7ml sachet of conditioner and a 2ml sachet of eye gel. And the argan oil brought me out in spots!

QuietNinjaKnowsNotWhatToDo · 27/04/2012 12:57

I thought you were supposed to get 5 products/samples? If you only got 3 then you need to get in touch cos I'm sure that's not right.

OP posts:
MrsBovary · 27/04/2012 13:32

I got the same as you, Quiet. I'm quite pleased keen to try it all, but don't think I'll use the eyeliner pencil, it not being my colour.

2blessed2bstressed · 27/04/2012 13:50

Got mine today too - same v chuffed with it as I was really disappointed with last months Harrods one. My faith has been restored!

MrsMeow · 27/04/2012 14:21

I'm really pleased with this months, the first one (I've had 5 so far) that I'll use everything from. I use Burts Bees body lotion anyway and am running out so saves me having to buy more! Looking forward to trying the Caudalie serum and the eyeliner.

I was thinking of cancelling, glad I didn't now!

Snoozy1 · 27/04/2012 15:49

I got my box, it seems slightly different to everyones else's. I got a lip liner instead of the eyeliner. (Not bad bad but a bit dark) An Ayuuri rose body wash instead of the Burts Bees lotion and a Yes Nurse! hand cream instead of the Monu.

fragola · 27/04/2012 16:54

It was only three products this month Ninja (they come with a little card telling you about everything you've got). I can't remember seeing anywhere that there was meant to be five.

MorrisZapp · 28/04/2012 08:31

I got mine! Best ever glossybox, I love the natural theme. Thrilled with the full size moisturiser, the Caudalie serum, the Burts Bees lotion and the adorable balm. I'll swap the purple eyeliner.

I love gb! So much luxe.

PJHarpy · 28/04/2012 08:38

It is a good 'un this month, apart from the body lotion - I hate small bottles of body lotion and relegate them to my 'stuff to take on holiday' drawer.

Really happy with the serum, collagen cream and lip balm. Much better than the Harrods one, which was bullshit.

I cancelled mine this month, though, after 4 months of it. Too pricey.

Might reinstate it nearer to Xmas and use unwanted bits as stocking filler-type presents for female rellies Grin

Snoozy1 · 01/05/2012 11:32

Anyone know when the SheSaid boxes will be dispatched? I thought it was the end of the month.

OwenDavis · 10/11/2018 09:49

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