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Elnett hairspray

8 replies

fluffiphlox · 26/04/2012 09:30

Can anyone explain the various strengths of this stuff? Anyone know which is the weakest/strongest? Do you know of a better hairspray?

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FannyGallop · 26/04/2012 09:37

Cor I love Elnett. I use Diamond Strength.

southeastastra · 26/04/2012 09:38

i hate it, stinks and hard to get out! i just use tresemme extra strength

fluffiphlox · 26/04/2012 09:48

I like the smell - I think it's the nostalgia thing.

OP posts:
FannyGallop · 26/04/2012 09:51

It does smell heavily but I like it - it's Marilyn and glamour and Hollywood.

Every little helps on a wet thursday, eh?!

polyhymnia · 26/04/2012 10:14

I think it's the best and several hairdressers in London salons have said the same to me.

Don't find it at all hard to brush out at night.

But I do always look for the one with the green band at the top which is (comparatively) unperfumed. The others do smell vile.

fluffiphlox · 26/04/2012 11:03

But which is the strongest, hardest, most humidity resisting? My hair is like a busby ATM. This weather is playing havoc with it!

OP posts:
FannyGallop · 26/04/2012 11:28

I think its the Satin Extra Strong Hold.

fluffiphlox · 26/04/2012 11:32

Thanks fanny I will hie me hence to Boots.

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