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Help needed; cleanser and moisturiser

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PrunellaDeVille · 25/04/2012 14:51

i've always had awful skin and was really hoping that becoming pregnant would give me, at least for a while, that mythical glowing clear complexion. sadly not.

i'm searching for an affordable cleansing wash and a lightweight moisturiser preferably with SPF.

i've got combination skin currently with horrific deep long lasting spots in my cheek hollows and chin, huge open pores, a greasy forehead and scarred skin all over.

so the best i've found previously were clarins cleansing wash and hydraquench moisturiser but i can't justify the expense to use these regularly.

any advice really welcomed.
(i've looked into the MN popular oil cleanse method but i'm pretty lazy and can't see myself taking that route)

OP posts:
brighthair · 25/04/2012 15:45

Vichy do a nice soap free wash - Normaderm I think it is
Neutrogena have a multi defence moisturiser with SPF, they do a normal/dry skin one and a combination. In fact if you want to try it pm me your address and I will send you one Wink
They were heavily reduced Grin

PrunellaDeVille · 25/04/2012 16:25

thanks brighthair

OP posts:
PrunellaDeVille · 26/04/2012 21:39

brighthair i was just pottering through S&B and found someone recommend a thread on the subject of beneficial skin products and noticed you were the OP - so were the Vichy and the Neutrogena the products you found that helped from your MN research?

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