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Face mask?

3 replies

Mama1980 · 25/04/2012 10:22

Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good homemade face mask recipe? Thanks :)

OP posts:
Jessicaalbastwin · 25/04/2012 11:16

Blend two bananas, two tablespoons of honey and two stoned and peeled peaches. Add some ground Almonds, mix up and blend again. Finally add a small handful of porridge oats to bind mixture. Apply to face. It works wonders for My skin.

hazchem · 25/04/2012 11:37

That also sounds like an amazing breakfast!

Jessicaalbastwin · 25/04/2012 11:44

Yes it's a beautiful face mask, I got it from the channel 4/beauty website.

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