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Is there an alternative???

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boringnamechange · 23/04/2012 19:20

I am going on holiday soon and want a nice bag for traveling - something like the mulberry Anthony bag like this one second from top
But I have no where near the funds to get one. I like the thick strap and ideally would like one that goes more with navy ie navy trousers and flats. Something big enough to have my things and small kid items like books or crayons.
Budget at a maximum £50 (and that's pushing it)
Am I on to plums or is there something like this???? Even a cream/beige one???

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pootle123 · 23/04/2012 19:32

How about this one TK Maxx also have nice osprey bags in at the mo.

boringnamechange · 23/04/2012 19:41

Ooooo thanks Pootle that's the kinda thing im looking for! Might be a touch on the small side but I'm liking it!
Will check out tkmaxx site too forgot about them

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pootle123 · 23/04/2012 19:47
TheDowager · 23/04/2012 19:52

If you are going to Turkey, you will be able to get a very passable Anthony for about £60 .

So take something v cheap and shop when you get there ...

boringnamechange · 23/04/2012 19:56

Ah sadly not turkey but I know a man who is! (but not till September and I would never ask him to get me on lol)

River island did one a few years ago which would be perfect in cream and navy. Wish I had just bought it at the time :(

OP posts:
boringnamechange · 24/04/2012 22:06

Any other ideas? This is what I'm looking for and will bid but looking for alternatives incase I am out bid. river island cream bag

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