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New suit needed for a job interview!

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RhubarbCrumbled · 20/04/2012 14:36

Help! I have a job interview next Thursday and my pre baby suit is far too small. It's a job at the local grammar school and will save me commuting into London every day and is the same money so desperately want to get it. I'm size 12 on top, 14 on bottom and need to hide a tummy. Budget is high street, maybe £200 inc a top.

I know you wise and wonderful ladies can help me find something!

OP posts:
RhubarbCrumbled · 20/04/2012 14:49

Then again I normally wear dresses for work (nothing suitable fr an interview!) so any suggestions for a smart dress and jacket too would be good!

OP posts:
Househunter · 20/04/2012 14:56

I just bought this and this jacket for an interview. Am a similar shape to you and its a flaterring combination.

scotsgirl23 · 20/04/2012 18:00


it also has a matching jacket (just search for blue/grey)

on their sale section they also have a suit which come up if you search "black white spot" - I have this (and a slightly different version of it in a mink colour) and the dress is incredibly flattering. The spot is very subtle, not a bold pattern and not OTT for an interview. It also comes up BIG (the dress) so it may be worth trying the 10, or keeping an eye on to see if the 12 reappears.

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