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why oh why did you lot tell me about Liz Earle?!!!

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EnglishEponine · 19/04/2012 18:00

After reading about it on here, I've recently tried a cleanse & polish sample size, and I love it! And I want to buy a full-size C&P and the skin tonic and the moisturiser and some more muslin cloths and everything else she has ever made, but I'm poor and I can't!!!


Curse you, S&B.

OP posts:
LindyHemming · 19/04/2012 18:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Doyouthinktheysaurus · 19/04/2012 18:21

I wouldn't bother with the moisturiser, I'm not a fan personally. The c & p and toner are great though.

TBH my oily, spot prone skin has improved more since doing the OCM than using c&p although I still use that in the mornings so maybe give OCM a go and save yourself some moneyGrin

Hopefully · 19/04/2012 18:22

Can you use it only once a day? Or every other day? That should be enough to get most of the benefits and each bottle will last way longer.

Lily22 · 19/04/2012 18:55

EnglishEponine, I've recently stopped using LE (trying out a new range of skincare at the minute) - I'd happily send you some of the various trial sizes I have if you like.

LesAnimaux · 19/04/2012 19:02

Yeah, give up eating...then you can be thin and have nice skin Wink Grin

Is it really that good? I've heard so much about LE on here and from friends, but really cant justify the £££.

YoullLaughAboutItOneDay · 19/04/2012 19:04

Love C&P, but don't rate the moisturiser. So just buy that Grin.

YoullLaughAboutItOneDay · 19/04/2012 19:05

The C&P, i mean!

RubyFakeNails · 19/04/2012 19:54

I'm a huge Liz Earle fan, when I first started using it did make me break out and I was disheartened but I'm now a year into it and my skin looks so much better. I rarely wear foundation now so I'd definitely say its worth it.

Personally don't use the moisturiser as don't really rate it. So cut that out and although the skin tonic is good, have found others can be substituted.

Also I buy muslin from mothercare or online as its much cheaper than the ones they sell and just as good, or to be honest when I've been away I've just used a flannel and worked fine.

Another thing is I buy the 200ml tube of C&P as works out slightly cheaper but when its getting low, I cut the top off and make sure I get all the product out. this tube lasts me about 3 months meaning £2 a week so really not that bad.

EnglishEponine · 19/04/2012 20:13

thanks for all the advice ladies, MN is such a great source of wisdom :)

so is it really just the C&P that does the miracle work? the tonic, moisturiser aren't really required? I don't currently use a toner so could probably do without the tonic, and could try a different far cheaper moisturiser, and that wouldn't destroy the good effects of the C&P?

thank you very much for the kind offer Lily22, about to PM you

why does facial skin have to be so bloody temperamental when the skin on my body manages just fine with some soap and water! gahh!!!!

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 19/04/2012 20:36

Have you tried Ebay?

I switched to the No7 version and It's just as good for my skin.

notnowImreading · 19/04/2012 20:50

Small tube and muslin cloth are a free gift with the current issue of Red magazine - might keep you going for a while.

EllieorOllie · 19/04/2012 20:57

I have the same problem!!
I have ordered the full size c&p as I've fallen in love with the damn stuff.
However, I'm using it in conjunction with boots botanics rose water toner and mallow moisturiser. Seems to be a really good combo, and the botanics stuff is 3 for 2 at the moment.
OCM didn't work for me btw, in case you're tempted to try it. Not sure it's that great for sensitive skin...

EnglishEponine · 19/04/2012 21:14

I'm really wary of OCM too Ellie, I used an oil as a moisturiser a few times and it made my skin flare up immensely, so not too keen to put it back on my face, even though it gives great results for so many people. Bloody awkward sensitive skin Angry

Will check out the botanics products, love their Body Balm so hopefully the face stuff will love me :)

OP posts:
Fizzylemonade · 19/04/2012 23:03

I have been using Liz Earle for about 15 years from when you could only buy it on QVC Blush no matter how many times I flirt with other products I do always come back to Lizzy.

I agree about the moisturiser, as lovely as theirs is I again flirt with others although recently bought Garnier and it irritates my skin.

I use the c&p and I have the tonic which depending if I have time I use or don't use. The smell is heavenly.

What has made it worse was they only went and opened a bloody Liz Earle shop in Leeds where I live so it is far too easy to waltz in and touch things before you buy them. And, and because they give you a choice of trial products, a choice, none of this wondering what has come with your latest order malarkey. And a loyalty discount card

Buy your muslins elsewhere, you don't need Liz ones.

EnglishEponine My skin reacts to any shampoo I put on my head, so my body is all fine but my face and neck blotch up very badly. I have to wash my hair at night rather than on a morning. Like I said above, I react to Garnier, fine with number7 or simple moisturiser and Liz Earle is very gentle on my skin.

I usually trial things on a Friday night or Saturday morning if I am not going anywhere. That way I can hide for the day.

Spookey80 · 19/04/2012 23:04

I started using c & p but had a breakout after onlY 2 days- I gave up. Is it really worth persevering then? Is this normal, have must people had this to start with?

Kitchendiva80 · 19/04/2012 23:07

Being dim here - what's ocm?

mumat39 · 19/04/2012 23:11

Love C&P and the skin repair light moisturiser.

Sometimes I have noticed that QVC do easy pays or something where you can buy something and spread the cost over 2,3 or 4 months (interest free) so it might be worth looking out for Liz Earle shows on there.

I know it's sad that I know that, but that's where I first discovered LE, by chance, about 15 years ago and when I've run out I've tried something else that's been easier to get from the high street but always end up going back.

HTH and good luck getting hold of some soon :)

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 19/04/2012 23:31

kitchendiva80 AFAIK, ocm is oil cleansing method.

fizzylemonade why Blush @ QVC? They are my Patron Saint of Shopping Channels. One day I will compose a list of everything I have bought from them but it will

Take a year to compose
Horrify me at the £££s I've spent. Grin

Bluepetticoat · 20/04/2012 13:26

I really really cannot see the attraction. I hate the menthol smell fo C&P and it pulls your face to apply it's so thick and gungy.

IMO Clinique has a much better cleaner- cream cleanser of the cleansing lotion- both about £12 or LOreal cleansers are v good for half that price.

GraduallyGoingInsane · 20/04/2012 20:08

Oh I LOVE Liz Earle. It's so lovely.

I don't have the C&P (I'm a clinique fan) but I have their superbalm which fixed (yes fixed!!) my exzema on my hands and elbows.

Unfortunately the kind lady gave me a sample of the orange blossom body wash...and it was so divine it's become an essential and I am currently eeking out my second full sized bottle.

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