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Need to be fabulous for bro's Big Gay Wedding

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Mombojombo · 18/04/2012 22:02

My big brother is getting hitched to his beau in July. It's to be quite a Do. I'm wearing this dress at his suggestion as it fits their colour scheme (and more importantly fits my style and ludicrously curvy bod!).

I've booked hairdresser (thanks MN for vintage hairdresser recommendations) and am hand-crafting a wonderous confection to sit atop my lacquered bonce. Questions:

  1. Accessories: matchy-matchy in cobalt blue / sophisticated but safe nude / something like coral or fuschia pink?

  1. What else can I do to be flipping marvellous (and maybe steal a teeeeny bit of focus)? Recommend me make-up, nails, shimmering stuff, strapless underwear to hoist my 32HH-ers and squash my spare tyre! I need to be awesome.

Pleases and thank yous
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Mombojombo · 18/04/2012 22:03

Stoopid link! It's the first dress on the page of images. Monsoon Fusion Diadem or somesuch.

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Freshlettice · 18/04/2012 22:27

Deco strapless in nude from bravissimo is good for the bra.
I would go nude or silver grey accessories. What are the grooms wearing?

CointreauVersial · 19/04/2012 00:08

Great dress. I think go for a complementary clash on the accessories - fuchsia sounds good. You don't want to be "safe", you want to be fabulous.

CuttedUpPear · 19/04/2012 00:21

Don't go for nude shoes. So Aintree.

statueofliberty · 19/04/2012 00:32

Fushcia defo

Mombojombo · 19/04/2012 07:58

Thanks chaps. Colour scheme is all blues. Grooms are in (non-matching) black suits with white shirts & royal blue ties, fathers in cobalt ties, best men in kinda cornflower blue ties and brothers in lavender. No specific provision has been made for sisters which I'm exceptionally bitter about is why I must shine.

Fuschia it is then. I have a belt and lipstick that will work so need mid-heel shoes (it's my great shame that I can't do high heels) and a bag on a budget, both for under £100. Any ideas most wholeheartedly welcome.

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