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Tinted Moisturiser - what works?

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RugbyWidow7 · 15/04/2012 21:10

I have used this Chantecaille tinted moisturiser for the last two summers.

I absolutely LOVE it - it's amazing at hiding my enlarged pores, smoothing and generally giving a healthy glow, whilst protecting against the environment (plus it lasts for ages) - but it has now run out!! I am finding the concept of coughing up for it at £55 a pop pretty hard to swallow this year and so need an alternative ASAP.

Please help! Has anyone got an amazing, more economical alternative? Or will I by swinging into Space NK to splurge again this week??...

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whoknewthat · 15/04/2012 21:11

I really like the Laura Mercier one which might be a bit cheaper but still involves trip to Space NKWink

RugbyWidow7 · 15/04/2012 21:15

No problem as I do love a trip to Space NK - I'll investigate. Thanks Who

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AlexandraMary · 15/04/2012 21:16

Laura Mercier one is fab - and I've recently tried the Liz Earle one which is also v good.

polyhymnia · 15/04/2012 22:28

Def think it's worth going to Space NK - wouldnt economise on this product unless I really had to.

Chantecaille and L M both outstanding tinted moisturisers. I really like the By Terry one too.

Only other one I like as much is Becca. Their makeup is fab but not as easy to get hold of because not in Space NK . Get mine from Fenwicks or Becca shop in S Kensington.

libbyssister · 15/04/2012 22:36

I have recently started using Liz Earle's tinted moisturiser and I'm very impressed by it. It gives a lovely dewy glow, and is easy to apply.

LaurieFairyCake · 15/04/2012 22:38

Agree about the Liz Earle one - it's fantastic - there are only 3 colours and you can get free samples on the website. Or order it from Qvc and return it if you hate it.

RugbyWidow7 · 16/04/2012 07:35

Thanks so much everyone. It's decided then, I'm definitely going to get down to Space NK this week to purchase my next tinted moisturiser. I'm so glad I discovered S&B! I love beauty products!


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