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If you have trendy mid / late teenager girls.. can you ask them where to buy those...

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JoyceDivision · 15/04/2012 19:20

... trousers late teens / twenties ladies are wearing, like casual chinos, tobacco coloured? I saw some in next but the casual, slouchy but still womens sort of cut, not just huge saggy blokes trousrers are prob not fom there and I really want some!

And even I, being the embarrasing mum taht I can be, know npt to ask hip kids where they got their clothes from, so as not to embarras me, or them Grin

OP posts:
goingmadinthecountry · 15/04/2012 20:32

dd2 has some from top shop, but last year.

BellaVita · 15/04/2012 20:37


Geordieminx · 15/04/2012 20:39

Zara new look h&m river island

Bluebell99 · 15/04/2012 20:46

I keep seeing teenage boys wearing brown trousers too, are they the same? and where are they from. Would love to get my ds out of his umbro trackie bottoms!

JoyceDivision · 15/04/2012 20:56

thanks, will have a nosey on their websites Smile

OP posts:
bruffin · 15/04/2012 21:01

You can get the chinos in any fashion shop at the moment. Primark have a huge range of colours.
I can't get Ds into them either Bluebell, he lives in skinny jeans and board shorts. They would really suit him, but he won't have it.

chocoroo · 15/04/2012 21:11

I've seen them this week in Topshop, Gap and Oasis. This probably means that the kids are no longer wearing them.

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