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I need new foundation. Do I HAVE to traipse around all the orange ladies in Selfridges??

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HamblesHandbag · 15/04/2012 13:11

My brilliant Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser just isn't cutting it at the moment. I have extra pigmentation on my skin (pregnancy hormone things) and some redness from the sun.

I think I need a bit more coverage and longer lasting too. But I don't want to be able to 'see' it sat on my skin like some of the heavier foundations.

I've got some Bare Essensuals but find it a bit drying.

So is there a one stop shop where I can speak to one person who knows all the products? Or do I have to go round each concession?

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fluffylegs · 15/04/2012 13:46

I know lots about products. I'm a makeup artist. What do you want to know? Have you been using the oil free tint moisturiser? Is there a space NK near you?

HamblesHandbag · 15/04/2012 13:54

oh thanks fluffy!

I have used the oil free but found it doesn't go on as nicely as the normal moisturiser. I tried the primer too but it didn't seem to last much longer with it.

I do love Space NK, so maybe that's the best idea. Though last time they recommended chantecaille (sp?) foundation which was quite heavy and about a million pounds Grin

So i'm looking for more coverage and longer lasting than a tinted moisturiser, but not heavy. I have scottish/pasty skin tones!

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fluffylegs · 15/04/2012 19:32

Well there is a concealer ( and foundation )by Ellis Faas which you get in Space NK which I really like because it's quite natural looking but still good coverage.

But also rather than using it as an all over base I use it in a targeted way which avoids the heavy/ mask like look. I use the concealer on brown red bits only and blend it and then don't use any other base. Though I sometimes use mineral foundation on the T zone, lightly buffed.

The Ellis Faas is not cheap and I don't love the pen applicator but I do think it's a very good product. It won't last say as long as Estée Lauder double wear but then you don't end up as caked as when you use that stuff either.

I hope that all makes sense. At least in Space NK you won't get totally overwhelmed!

HamblesHandbag · 15/04/2012 19:37

that's great thanks fluffy, I saw that product on the Space Nk website and quite like the idea of a pen applicator!

I'm going in to treat myself next week.

OP posts:
fluffylegs · 15/04/2012 19:40

Let me know how you get on Smile

cybbo · 15/04/2012 20:00

Check it out in Space Nk, find the shade you want then look online

I just saved £20 on a Rodial neck cream by buying from a beauty website rather than Space NK. Its mark ups are outrageous

HamblesHandbag · 15/04/2012 20:01

oh good tip, cheers!

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