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Help - outfit needed - not the first clue what to wear

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catgirl1976 · 14/04/2012 12:01

I am going to my Aunt and Uncles Golden Wedding party next Saturday.

Its a daytime event - a marquee in their garden with drink, catering and a band. It will be smart casual. God knows what the weather will do it oculd be anywhere between snow and scorching :)

I am thinking either nice trousers and a top with an optional extra layer or a nice dress with a shrug / cardi. Not sure about shoes - flats make me frumpy but heels no good at a garden party so maybe wedges

I have recently (ish) had a baby and am bf so need easy access to my boobs, plus am a lot bigger than ususal so need something flattering to my newly large figure and that hides my tummy.

I don't even know where to begin - have scoured the web and seen nothing I like

I know they are some amazingly stylish people on this section who seem to be able to link staight to great outfits for people, so if anyone is out there , please help!

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AmberNectarine · 14/04/2012 14:20

I saw this dress the other day which I thought would be good for bf access (I have 9mo) and I think it would be lovely for a garden party with wedges and a cropped cardi. Also the shape would be great for tummy skimming, and there is a whole thread about the great discounts DP have on at the mo...

catgirl1976 · 14/04/2012 15:26

Tha's great Amber! Am ordering it and will find a cardi and some shoes!

You are a star :)

OP posts:
AmberNectarine · 15/04/2012 19:49

Oh, I'm so glad to have helped! Have a lovely time!

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