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Brighton shopping trip: where should I go and what should I buy?

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LaGuerta · 13/04/2012 20:11

I am new to the Brighton area and am planning to try and salvage my tragic wardrobe situation this weekend with a child free trip to Brighton.

Any advice on where to go, and what kinds of things to look out for for the summer?

I am SAHM with preschool children. 34, 5'9", and currently a size 12 (although normally more of a 14 for trousers). I live in jeans, tops and trainers. Nothing fits me properly and I feel very tatty.

In terms of budget. Anything in the Jigsaw price range makes me wince and gets left in the shop. I love a TK Maxx bargain.

Many thanks.

OP posts:
1gglePiggle · 13/04/2012 21:20

I love the lanes for quirky unusual clothing. The indoor shopping centre has all the usual chains.

LaGuerta · 14/04/2012 07:00

Thanks Iggle. Yes I will definitely check out the lanes that everyone talks about.

OP posts:
Hopefully · 14/04/2012 07:26

The lanes are good, and there's a good cluster of things like LK Bennett, Hobbs, Russell & Bromley, White Co etc near the city hall.

KenDoddsDadsDog · 14/04/2012 07:31

These are so not clothes shops but might make you feel fantastic!

England At Home - Fantastic interior stuff
Choccywockydoodah - name speaks for it
Cyber candy - really cool sweeties from around the world. Kids would love it!

LaGuerta · 14/04/2012 07:35

Our new house is a bit of a project so interiors shops could prove distracting. Grin

OP posts:
KenDoddsDadsDog · 14/04/2012 07:43

There was a great shoe shop but can't remember the name. It sold every shade of converse ever made!

LaGuerta · 14/04/2012 14:13

Just spotted Choccywoccydoodah OMG!

So far I have spent a little in Gap and quite alot in Zara. First time in a Zara since 2005 I think. Much to my surprise I have bought two pairs of coloured skinny jeans. I think they looked good. I may be deluded. Contemplating trying to rectify my underwear crisis before heading home.

OP posts:
RowanMumsnet · 14/04/2012 14:17

There's an actual Bravissimo shop in Brighton.

Flimflammery · 14/04/2012 14:23

Definitely look in White Stuff for clothes (near the clock tower). Also, bear in mind the Lanes are the little alleys with lovely antiquey jewelry shops and some upmarket shops. The North Laine is completely different - a strip of mainly pedestrianised small streets with more hippy/student/ethnic shops and some great cafes.

LaGuerta · 14/04/2012 15:43

Thanks for all your tips.

I am on my way home now. I have really enjoyed my day out and feel as though I have orientated the city centre a bit so that when I take the kids I will know what's what a bit more. After Zara I walked through the Laines, stopped for a coffee then up to North rd and back to Churchill Sq via the north Laines. It all makes much more sense. Finally I tackled my post baby underwear crisis in M&S.

Now on a very bumpy bus going home.


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