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What the hell do I wear?

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pumkintits · 13/04/2012 10:29

Desperately need your help ladies, bought my OH tickets to see West Ham tomorrow but have no clue what to wear.

Its going to be warm(ish) but raining. He wants to go for a few drinks in London after which is the part thats causing me the problems, smart enough for drinks but casual enough for football??!!

OP posts:
supernannyisace · 13/04/2012 10:51

I would wear jeans - comfortable shoes/boots and layers on top. A nice enough t-shirt and cardi combo? Topped off with a warmer layer and then a jacket. Scarf and gloves will help too. Oh and hat if raining.

that way you will feel warm whilst at footie match - but can strip off some layers to look a bit more presentable?

If you use a large enough handbag/stylish backpack you can put all the excess items in there later on.

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