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A stylish Animal Print Maxi Dress WITH ...

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OhCobblers · 12/04/2012 14:41

straps - does it exist???
Everything i've seen is strapless and that look does not working for me at all.
Price ideally no more than £40.

Have you seen one?

OP posts:
PinkPolkaDots · 12/04/2012 14:54
PinkPolkaDots · 12/04/2012 14:56

x post on the last one with Hetty!

daisydoodoo · 12/04/2012 14:58

i have no idea what size you are but this one looks good. wishing it came in smaller sizes!

PinkPolkaDots · 12/04/2012 14:58
Ambrosius · 12/04/2012 20:14

Jane norman have one :)

OhCobblers · 12/04/2012 20:58

Thanks v much for all the ideas.
I do love the look of the New Look one. It looks ok (ie, not cheap!) so wondering if anyone has seen it IRL to get a good idea?

Thanks again

OP posts:
keepthechangeyoufilthyanimal · 13/04/2012 18:02

I haven't seen the animal print one in RL but they had the same design in plain black in my local new look that I tried on.
To me, it was fine quality wise- but I don't have particularly high standards IYSWIM.Blush ie all my clothes are next, H&M, new look etc quality.
but I put it back as I'm meant to be saving money plus I already have a black maxi dress I never wearGrin

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