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Boyfriend Jeans - yes or no?

15 replies

OneTwoOrThree · 12/04/2012 13:49

Me again!

I've just had my second baby and have some weight to lose (about 3 stone Blush). I need to buy a few items to see me through the early stages of my weight loss (ie until I fit into my 'fat' clothes).
I have clothes in sizes 14, 12 and 10, but need a 16 at the moment - which I am mortified about Sad.

Anyway, what do you think about a pair of boyfriend jeans? I have awful legs (always awful, even when I'm slim!) but a reasonably shaped upper body. My lifestyle is a SAHM with two kids, so need hard wearing, practical clothes. I like the idea of boyfriend jeans as I can wear them with my fitflops and/or converse type trainers which will amke running round after the kids easy. It also means when my eldest is a pre school, I can walk for miles in comfy shoes to try and burn off some baby weight...

What do you think? Any other ideas / suggestions?

OP posts:
squoosh · 12/04/2012 14:27

I have to say I think Boyfriend jeans are the most unflattering style around, they make people look fatter than they are. They suit no-one apart from maybe boyfriends. They make the arse look all saggy and misshapen and do weird things to thighs. If you are feeling self conscious about your weight at the mo baggy jeans are not the way to go.

If I were you I'd go for a pair of straight leg jeans, not skinny straight leg, just regular straight leg.

Bunbaker · 12/04/2012 18:38

I agree with squoosh. IMO boyfriend jeans only look cute on small children.

redlac · 12/04/2012 18:48

I would rather wear boyfriend cut than boot cut

supernannyisace · 12/04/2012 18:49

I agree with the other replies - tht boyfriend jeans don't suit many.
IME they make thighs look heavier and bum saggy. i have tried them many times - as I like the idea of them, but they just don't suit.

Better to try some straight leg (not particularly skinnies) or regular bootcut. If they fit well around the hips and thighs they will be much more flattering and make you feel better about your shape.

YoullLaughAboutItOneDay · 12/04/2012 18:58

I have always thought boyfriend jeans actually only suit the skinny - I'd further the straight leg recommendations.

Good luck with the weight loss. I'm one stone into two of my baby 2 weight (including, ahem, a bit I never managed to lose in between them).

MrsCampbellBlack · 12/04/2012 19:03

Well I don't wear them but am different shape to you.

But pear shaped friend looks great in them as they show off her slim upper body and disguise her heavier thighs. River Island had some nice ones in I noticed the other day.

But then I am currently in love with my baby bootcuts Wink

cazza40 · 12/04/2012 19:09

They are just so unflattering - agree that straight leg are better.

monkeysmama · 12/04/2012 19:53

I really like boyfriend jeans for a relaxed look. Like any jeans, you have to try lots of pairs but French Connection and River Island often do good reasonably priced ones. I like Zara's too though the legs are very long. You do need something more fitted on top with them - I often wear with layers on top and a fitted leather jacket.

OneTwoOrThree · 17/04/2012 15:33

Thanks everyone..... I have bought a pair (label still on, so they can be returned). I think they look ok, and are certainly practical for day to day wear - running round after the kids, walking with the baby etc.

I am a classic pear shape, so think the baggy legs look ok, and slim slimmer top half helps make me look in better shape than I am.

I will however reserve final judgement until I have a too honest friend choose between my bootcut baby bootcut, straight leg, and boyfriend jeans.

OP posts:
amothersplaceisinthewrong · 17/04/2012 15:36

I think BF jeans can make legs look rather short.... and thereby the wearer rather dumpy unless they are very skinny. Straight or boot cut are better.

OllieinOrange · 17/04/2012 16:00

I used to wear the bf jeans that go straight down (slouchy style) but now wear chino styled bf ones which have tapered legs (not sure which we are talking about above Smile).
They are not as flattering as skinnies but I find them more comfortable for running around in. Mine are a lightweight denim and have little turn ups to ankle length. I wear mine with heeled ankle boots and something like a breton with a jersey blazer and scarf.
I should say tho that I dont live in the UK and that chino style bf jeans are very popular here (the Netherlands). Think they are the Dutch equivalent of the school run dress!

BabsJansen · 17/04/2012 18:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fayeso · 17/04/2012 18:31

I have to say i am an inverted triangular body shape ie large back and bust but slim hips and thighs and boyfriend jeans are one of the most flattering shapes on me ............much to my dismay I cannot wear skinny jeans as I resemble an overweight parsnip .....fat up top and nothing below so I think it really does depend on your bodyshape. I love bootcuts and boyfriend jeans because they suit me.................forget fashion and go with what looks could wear the most fashionable clothes but if they don't suit what is the point???

florencepink · 17/04/2012 19:16

I also think they look good on certain body shapes, if you are say a 12-14 with a good waist but big thighs they disguise them well, a bit like the dreaded linen trousers Grin

PerryCombover · 17/04/2012 20:39

Bf jeans are only good on slim people unless you are v tall and long legged

Try chinos in all styles and's summer by the time you need jeans you'll be a size 10

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