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help me sort out my hair please, before i book a haircut!

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shelley72 · 11/04/2012 08:29

before i go and have a mummy bob haircut. i cant seem to get any condition into it at all, it feels greasy all the time, even after just being washed. i posted last week as also having similar issues with skin and nails which some suggested could be diet / hormone related (possibly). but how do i sort it in the mean time while the vitamins are kicking in?

at the moment its coloured with a semi (tho very grey at roots, cos its not been done for weeks). its a block colour - casting 300 i think, which is similar to my natural colour anyway. my hair is naturally wavy (but not nice enough that it goes into nice curls any more) its just above bra strap level with a few layers in but it looks and feels so manky, even when blow dried and straightened that i just clip it up all the time. used to be lovely and shiny and glossy and beautiful, one of my best points. its just crap now.

are there any knowledgeable people out there that can advise? so should i take the plunge and get it all chopped off? i think it needs a bit of lenght to weigh it down and make it behave tho...

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