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Any hairdressers out there?

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MusicFlower · 08/04/2012 22:28

OK, last weekend I had my hair cut (have it done about every 2/3 months). It had got to the stage it was really "urgh" - you know,, how it gets from washing not just needing a trim.

Anyway, it has been lovely for a week but now is all 'claggy' again. (Does anyone know what mean?)

Anyway, I was wondering, I don't use masses of shampoo or conditioner and rinse it out well (stand under shower for a couple of mins just letting it rinse.

(If it helps I have curly - but otherwise quite limp - thin hair and use the shampoo and conditioner recommended by my hairdresser but have used loads over the years and always have the same problen.

So, what am I doing wrong?

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