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Recommend me a waterproof mascara please!

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Ihopeyoudance · 08/04/2012 21:00

I don't really wear make-up often but I'd like a waterproof mascara for my wedding next Saturday (eek!) in case I blub [bugrin]
I went into Boots and was just overwhelmed by the choice! Do I want volume? Length? False-lash effect? I have no clue! You can't tell by looking at the tube what it will look like on. Are more expensive ones worth it?
Please can you lovely ladies help me make an informed decision?

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OneLastSoul · 08/04/2012 21:13

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sinisterduck · 08/04/2012 21:58

I use Max Factor masterpiece waterproof- is lovely and seperating and you can build it up to be nice & thick but it never looks claggy. Lovely.

Ihopeyoudance · 08/04/2012 22:40

Ooh! Two choices there, thanks. I'm guessing the Chanel one is more expensive?
I'm not a fan of spidery or claggy, I just want to look like me but slightly better...

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OneLastSoul · 08/04/2012 23:16

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Mombojombo · 09/04/2012 08:22

Max Factor false lash effect waterproof is great. It lasted through awful 3-day labour full of waterbirth pools, showers and tears! I'm also ludicrously vain and wear it swimming.

pootle123 · 09/04/2012 14:30

I would second the recommendation for Max Factor false lash effect waterproof. It survived a raging hayfever episode with streaming eyes yesterday.

MWB22 · 09/04/2012 14:33

I like Clinique Lash Power.

Havingkittens · 09/04/2012 19:26

This is my current favorite. Rather pricey (£25!) and you can only get it in Liberty but it's so good.

Most waterproof mascaras don't do an awful lot. They don't add length or volume, just colour. I bought a Lancome waterproof Hypnose mascara and really didn't like it as it sort of did the opposite. You had to work quickly with it and it got a bit clogged and spikey. Also need a blow torch to remove, which means you invariably shed lashes when you take it off. The Hourglass one is quite feathery but you can build length and volume, as well as curl, really easily. It's pretty easy to remove too.

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