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Any ideas how to find a dress like this please?

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OhdearDH · 07/04/2012 22:40

Similar to what the Welsh girl (Alice I think?) wore on The Voice tonight - hers was green.

I've seen plenty of women wearing them - thick jersey-type material, long or three quarter length sleeves, scoop or v-neck and worn with a belt at the waist. Dress length is probably to the knee with a slightly full skirt. Look like they cover a multitude of sins and look nice with a short thin cardi.

I've been Google-ing for hours (I really thought "scoop neck jersey dress" would find one straight away, but I just can't find anything the same.

TIA [busmile]

OP posts:
HurricaneBawbag · 07/04/2012 22:45

Try skater dress instead. Asos had loads a couple of months ago.

HurricaneBawbag · 07/04/2012 22:47
OhdearDH · 07/04/2012 22:57

Thanks :) I've got four skater dresses and just didn't twig that these are pretty much the same thing, but longer.

In fact the dresses I've got are a bit too short really and I've been a bit self conscious wearing them for work, which may be why I'm drawn to what's essentially a longer version.

Will keep looking, thanks for the link Hurricane. Nearest thing is this one, but I'm looking for something quite a bit longer (and not pink!)

OP posts:
Teeb · 07/04/2012 23:09

I think it was something like this that she had on. Dorothy Perkins had lots of the dress in different shades last season, but it doesn't seem to be on sale any more.

tethersend · 08/04/2012 01:04
OhdearDH · 08/04/2012 11:46

That's the one! Thanks so much Tethersend. None in my size though, but will see if they come back in stock.

OP posts:
tethersend · 08/04/2012 12:29

What colour and size are you after?

EasterBenny · 08/04/2012 14:55

Black in a 16, but any dark colour really (just not keen on light greens/pinks or blues.) Thanks for looking for me, I'm still looking too.

tethersend · 08/04/2012 15:22
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