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Any ideas for an easy to maintain/style haircut.

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mythical · 07/04/2012 15:49

I haven't had my hair cut at a salon for years, i usually maintain it myself, it's fairly long - past my shoulders, bit layered, very overgrown fringe (not a very good picture but i have got one on my profile)
at the moment it just ends up tied back in a bun 90% of the time and i'm a bit tired of it! I just need something that looks okay if i don't put a lot of effort in it but i could make it look nice if, say, i'm going out.. at the moment no matter what i do really it's still the same! (am i asking for the impossible?)
I just have no clue about what i should ask! any suggestions/ideas/links/pictures very welcome.
Few details if you need them - hair is quite a dark brown at the moment- not very thick and quite flat most of the times. Tends to get greasy IF i don't use any products (less since pregnancy which i found a bit odd!)

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lynlynnicebutdim · 07/04/2012 19:29

Look up photos of Lisa Rinna. ignore the hideous trout pout and look at her hair.

Until Tuesday I had hair a similar length to you, very thick and prone to frizz ball status at the first hint if moisture. I stormed into the hairdressers on Tuesday and demanded they cut it of as I had had enough. This was the style I had in mind and it has worked beautifully. Takes me 5 minutes to style and looks lovely. Before it would take upwards of 20 min and the use if hairdryers and straighteners etc.

Eliza22 · 07/04/2012 20:24

I LOVE Lisa Rinnas's hair! Mine's fine but sooooo thick. My hairdresser said it would be a push and a lot of hard work. He suggested Lisa Maxwell. I love it!

mythical · 07/04/2012 21:20

ohh i'm not sure if i'm brave enough to go that short!

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