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TeaTeaLotsOfTea · 07/04/2012 11:12

What on earth are they?

I was just on new look web site looking for jeggings (I love jeggings because they hold my flabby stomach in) and I saw lots of pairs of treggings?

How do they work then? Are they tight like jeggings?

Is it official? am I fogey?

OP posts:
AnxiousPanxious · 07/04/2012 11:32

Don't do either. Control pants also hold your tummy in.

TeaTeaLotsOfTea · 07/04/2012 11:34

I only wear them really to walk the dogs or scruff around the house.

there is always a VPL with control pants

OP posts:
Bunbaker · 07/04/2012 17:25

I have some M & S ones. They are more substantial and warmer than leggings, and more comfortable than skinny jeans for me. I wear them with boots in the winter.

ruby22 · 07/04/2012 20:43

I have some Next ones, I think they're called super skinny or sprayed on or sth like that. They are soo soft and comfy yet look just like skinny jeans, they are about the thickness of leggings though and I dare not crawl around the floor after the DCs in them as would not last 5 mins.

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